Display your artwork at home just like an art gallery!

  • No more unsightly holes or hooks in your wall.
  • No more patching up holes and repainting when you want to move artwork around.
  • Change your furniture around and don't be limited by the way your pictures hang.
  • Very easy to install.
Photo frame for wall
Photo frame gallery

Art Essentials now offers Arti Teq - the perfect picture hanging solution which is very economical and so easy to install.

Arti Teq is very much like a modern-day picture rail, where you have a tracking on the wall, under the cornice, a cord (nylon or stainless steel) then hangs off this and a hook is attached to this.

Your new beautiful mirror can now be suspended from the hooks instead of making unsightly holes in your walls.

Hanging system

Hanging System Available

Light hook

Light Hook

Medium hook

Medium Hook

Heavy duty hook

Heavy Duty Hook

Design of frames in hose wall

How does it work?

  • The track: Arti Teq is a track installed just under your cornice. It is available in white, primed white (so you can paint it to any colour), brushed aluminium and black. It is available in 2mt and 3mt lengths.
  • Suspend: A clever suspension cable fits under the track with no bulky hardware showing. The cable is available in clear and metal finish and comes in many different lengths.
  • Hang your picture: A small hook is then attached to the cable and locked into place. The string on your picture then just sits on top of the hook. All that is left is to make sure the frames are level. It is as simple as that.

We always have ArtiTeq in stock, so you can always take it home and get started on it right away.

Artiteq hanging system