Custom Mirrors & Mirror Framing

We all need to agree on the fact that right application of mirror at the right corners of the room and walls helps in making the area look larger than the actual size. Besides this mirror also plays a key role in bringing more light in the space with a functional identity. Framed Mirrors can be placed in any wall of the room as per your choice, but from an artistic point of view, it will give an impressive look when placed above a fireplace, buffet or in a hallway. Specialists in frameless glass solutions, custom framed mirrors, you can easily select from a wide variety of frames for home or offices.

custom framed mirrors
custom made framed mirrors

Custom Made Framed Mirrors:

If you are looking for a custom made framed mirrors for your home then we can make it for you and then get it framed as per your choice. All you need to do is to give us the size of the area which you want to cover with a mirror and the rest job is ours. We have various frames available with us.

Ready Made Framed Mirrors:

Want to go with a ready-made framed mirror? We offer that too. Advantage of using readymade framed mirror is that here you will get ornamented designs which is hard to get in case of custom made designs. You will get it in various sizes which exclusive finish of gold, silver, white, black, shabby chic.

Ready Made Framed Mirrors
Hanging Frame Mirrors

Hanging: Framed Mirrors

Our job ends not only with the making of the mirror and getting that framed as per your requirement. If you want we can also make arrangements for professional picture hanger for delivering the mirror and also to get the masterpiece installed on the wall. Charges will be extra for this job.

We will encourage you to meet us to get a detail view of the various services we are offering. You can also visit our website for this. We are ready to offer you a free quote for the job which you want to get done by our team. For the price rate for your exclusive framed mirror, you can call us or can even mail us and we will love to answer your query.

We are more than happy to give you a quote for your beautiful new mirror over the phone or by email. Contact us.

If you’re in need of a stylish, framed mirror that makes your room feel more specious or something that adds that touch of class to your home or business, look no further. At Art Essentials, we have brought a range of ready-made, framed mirrors in Sydney. We have ornamented design ready-made mirror frames in polished edges and a variety of standard sizes and finishes for you.

Our selection of mirrors offers you the most suitable options for reception areas, wall hangings, bedroom dressers and a range of other purposes. To suit your space, size and styling requirements, we can also custom-built a framed mirror for you in Sydney. With Art Essentials, your framed mirror possibilities are endless.

Add more light and glamour to any room and enhance its décor! Simply visit our store or call us to place your order. Get a free quote today!

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